Congratulations to co-authors Hsi-Mei Chung and Stone Han of I-Shou University and Kevin Au of Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong for their recently published research based on STEP data in the Cross Cultural and Strategic Management Journal (October 2018).

The article is titled The impact of sociocultural context on strategic renewal: A twenty-six nation analysis of family firms. The purpose of this paper is to contribute a multilevel, cross-national analysis of the role that sociocultural context may play to enrich the understanding of strategic renewal in family firms. The authors conceptualize sociocultural context as consisting of firm-level social contexts and national culture, and propose that: heterogeneous social contexts in family firm management, i.e. family CEO and multigenerational involvement, give rise to mindsets that have differential effects on renewal efforts and that the proposed effects are subject to variation due to the moderation of national cultural dimensions of uncertainty avoidance and power distance.

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