We are thrilled to announce the release of our much anticipated 2019 STEP Survey Benchmarking Report investigating the impact of changing demographics on succession!

Approximately 1800 global business family leaders from 33 countries contributed to this remarkable and unique data set over a five-month period.  Each of the 33 countries provided at least 25 completed surveys and roughly 1/3 of these countries contributed 50 surveys or more to the data set!

Earlier this month, business family leaders that participated in the survey were provided a link to download their own country benchmarking report.  Each report provides a descriptive analysis and comparison of the country to each of the five regions of the world (Asia & Pacific; Middle East & Africa; Europe & Central Asia; Latin America & Caribbean; and North America). The reports highlight the following topics:

1. Demographics of CEOs

2. Retirement plans

3. Succession plans

4. Respondent information

5. Family Business information

6. Region classification

In addition, we were able to furnish the business family leaders with a detailed snapshot of interesting benchmarking points relative to how their own family business compared with other family businesses that took the survey.

If you would like to view the benchmarking report, you can do so by going to the STEP Project website at https://www.stepresearch.org/, and clicking on the green block titled “benchmarking reports”.

Many thanks to our dedicated STEP scholars and their business families for their efforts in making this survey data collection a success! We also send our gratitude to the STEP Survey committee members, Academic Director Andrea Calabro, Board Chair Ilse Matser, Prof. Matt Allen, Global Research Champion Alfredo Valentino, Jeremy Cheng, Toni Carbone and Babson College for providing their time, support and exceptional efforts in this initiative.

Lastly, STEP members continue to work diligently analyzing this robust and diverse global data set for the release of a comprehensive Global STEP Report of the Survey Findings on the October 24, 2019 at the FFI Conference in Miami! Stay tuned! See more details about the Global Report launch event here.

For inquiries, please contact us at step@babson.edu.