STEP Global Academic Conference – Cartagena, Columbia 2018

Transgenerational Entrepreneurship: insights from the STEP Project

The Academic conference is a unique opportunity for STEP scholars to showcase their work while networking and developing collaborative opportunities within the STEP community. Attendees of the conference will obtain valuable feedback on their research and strengthen ties between STEP members across the globe. To see what the STEP conference is all about–check out the 2016 STEP Global Academic Conference in Boston.

Location and Hotel Information: Cartagena, Colombia

Call for Papers submission: March 4-April, 29, 2018

Venue: Uniandes at Serena del Mar, Cartagena

Please contact Professors Luis Diaz Matajira (, Ana Cristina Gonzalez ( , or Yeny Rodriguez, with any questions.

Co-hosted by:

Universidad ICESIUniversidad de Los Andes

Learn more about our co-hosts and Cartagena, Colombia

UniAndes - Serena del Mar (co-host and venue)

ICESI University, Cali, Columbia (co-host)

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