Past STEP Events

February 16, 2018 North American Region Academic Paper Development Workshop, Grand Valley State Univ., Michigan, USA

March 26-27, 2018 Latin American Region Academic Paper Development Workshop, Babson College, Miami campus, Florida, USA

April 16-17, 2018 European Region Academic Meeting and Workshop, IPAG Business School, Nice, France

June 7, 2018: STEP Luncheon meeting for members attending FERC 2018  in Guadalajara, Mexico.

July 26-27, 2018:  Singapore Management University (SMU) hosted the STEP Asia Pacific Summit in conjunction with their Business Family Institute 5th Anniversary Celebration.  For more information click here.

October 18-20, 2018: STEP Global Academic Conference , co-hosted by Icesi and UniAndes in Cartagena, Colombia

November 19-20, 2018: European Region Academic Meeting and Workshop, Audencia Business School, Nantes, France

November 8-11: 2017 Global STEP Summit, Lugano Switzerland

November 8: STEP Board Meeting, Lugano Switzerland

November 9STEP Regional Council Meetings, Lugano, Switzerland

13-15 October: First STEP GLOBAL Academic Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

13 October: STEP Regional Council Meetings & Board Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

2 June: STEP Latin American Academic Meeting, FDC, Brazil

1-12 May: STEP European Academic Meeting, Zwolle, The Netherlands

8 April: STEP North America Academic Meeting, Dallas, Texas

26-27 November:  STEP European Academic Meeting, Barcelona, Spain

4- 7 November:  STEP ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT, Hangzou, China

26-27 October: STEP Latin American Academic Meeting, Stetson University, Florida, USA

4 June: STEP North America Academic Meeting, University of Vermont, USA

4 June:  STEP Latin American Academic Meeting, University of Vermont, USA

3 June:  STEP Board Meeting, University of Vermont, USA

28-29 May: STEP European Academic Meeting, EMLYON, Lyon, France

21 February: STEP North America Academic Meeting, Stetson University, Florida, USA

10-12 February: STEP European Academic Meeting, Antwerp Management School, Belgium

24-27 November: 2014 STEP ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT, Waseda University, Japan

25-26 November: Latin American Academic STEP Meeting, University Adolfo Ibáñez, Miami, Florida, USA

5 June: STEP Global Academic Meeting, hosted by Oregon State University Prior to FERC event

22 May: STEP European Region Academic Meeting, Bergamo, Italy, Prior to the EIASM conference


2013 Global Summit addressed the following topics:

  • New ideas for a new world: Changing Pathways of STEP Families
  • Developing Resources and Capabilities for Dynamic Adaption
  • Developing the Next Generation
  • Entrepreneurial Mindsets Around the World

22- 23 May: STEP European Region Academic Meeting, Helsinki, Finland

15-16 May: Academic Meeting of the Americas, Vina del Mar, Chile

31 August – 1 September: LA Summit Planning Meeting Miami, Florida

22–24 November: ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT Bangkok, Thailand

12-15 November: LATIN AMERICAN SUMMIT Nova Lima, Brazil

25-27 October: EUROPEAN SUMMIT Crete, Greece

31 August – 1 September: LA Summit Planning Meeting Miami, Florida

30-31 May: European Academic Meeting Jönköping, Sweden

10-11 May: Global Academic Meeting Montreal, Canada
(Associated with FERC)

24–26 November: STEP Africa Family Business Workshop JIBS and UWC Workshop South Africa

17–19 November: ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT Taiwan

14–15 November: STEP Europe Research Meeting Antwerp, Belgium

3-7 November: LATIN AMERICAN SUMMIT Lima, Peru

6-7 September: Latin American Summit Planning Meeting Quito, Ecuador

5 May: North American Meeting Grand Rapids, MI

28 April–1 May: EUROPEAN SUMMIT St. Gallen, Switzerland

11-12 April: Latin American Meeting Santiago, Chile
(tied to the BALAS Conference)

November: GLOBAL SUMMIT, Boston, MA

4-7 November: 2010 GLOBAL SUMMIT at Babson, Wellesley, MA

July: Latin American Summit Planning Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico

June: European Team Meeting, Barcelona, Spain
(Associated with EIASM Conference)

April: Latin American Research Meeting, Cancun, Mexico
(Associated with FERC)

2009: ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT, Seoul, Korea

2009: LATIN AMERICAN SUMMIT, Bogotá, Colombia

2009: Global Academic Meeting, Boston, USA

2008: ASIA PACIFIC SUMMIT, Hong Kong, China

2008: LATIN AMERICAN SUMMIT, Mexico City, Mexico

2008: EUROPEAN SUMMIT, Milan, Italy

2007: Asia Pacific Launch, Hong Kong, China

2007: LATIN AMERICAN SUMMIT, San Juan, Costa Rica

2007: EUROPEAN SUMMIT, Barcelona, Spain

2006: Latin American Launch Boston, USA

2006: EUROPEAN SUMMIT Paris, France

2005: European Launch Milan, Italy