We are thrilled to announce a new article published with STEP data in the Family Business Review journal called “Socialization Processes in Transgenerational Family Firms”. Congratulations to the co-authors of this new article: Zografia BikaUniversity of East Anglia, Norwich Business School; Peter J. RosaUniversity of Edinburgh; and Fahri KarakasUniversity of East Anglia, Norwich Business School.

Authors’ abstract summary:
Building on an in-depth case study of a four-generational Scottish family firm, we generate a triple-layered model of socialization. Our findings go beyond the traditional focus on internal family socialization and value transmission and suggest that socialization involves three concentric layers unfolding over time, each with a distinct set of dimensions, values, challenges and processes: internal (transmitting knowledge within the family), interactive (resolving competing role demands through peer interactions), and experiential (interacting with both peer groups and malleable societal/economic frames). This novel theorization provides a promising framework for future research seeking to explain the complexities of socialization processes in transgenerational family firms.

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The STEP Project is a global applied research initiative that establishes learning partnerships between academics and business families in order to explore the entrepreneurial process in the family form of business organizations. The STEP Project was launched in 2005 at Babson College with six European Universities.  It currently has 48 STEP teams engaged in the project conducting research through surveys and case studies.  Our core mission is to collaboratively research transgenerational entrepreneurship in order to produce highly relevant, applied research which makes a tangible difference to the business families around the world and their stakeholders.  We will do this by developing a community of researchers who can be trusted to provide rigorous and valuable insights into issues associated with transgenerational entrepreneurship.  In addition, we will work together with practitioners to bridge the gap between theory and practice. To find out more, see our website STEPresearch.org