The Impact of Changing Demographics in Family Businesses

The Impact of Changing Demographics in Family Businesses

March 18, 2020

We are thrilled to share this week’s FFI Practitioner article written by STEP Academic Director Andrea Calabrò about the STEP community’s research findings of the 2019 STEP Survey: Changing Demographics in Family Businesses: Highlights from the STEP 2019 Quantitative Survey. 

This study examined over 1,800 global family business leaders’ views on how increasing demographic and societal changes could impact succession planning and governance in family enterprises.

We congratulate all the STEP members and family businesses for their efforts and contributions to this survey and research.  Together, as a community, the STEP Project continues to make significant contributions to transgenerational entrepreneurship in family business research.  Many thanks to Andrea Calabrò and Ilse Matser, Board Chair, for leading these impactful efforts.

The STEP Project will continue this momentum with their next global report based on the qualitative data. This Case Study Global Report is due to be released, together with their sponsor KPMG, in October 2020 at the FFI Conference in New York.  Stay tuned!