FBR Best Article Awarded to STEP members

FBR Best Article Awarded to STEP members

May 8, 2019

This year’s “best article award” for the Family Business Review (FBR) was awarded to Frank Barbera (Univ. of Adelaide), Isabell Stamm (Technical University of Berlin), and Rocki-Lee DeWitt (University of Vermont) for a research study based on STEP data titled: “The Development of an Entrepreneurial Legacy: Exploring the Role of Anticipated Futures in Transgenerational Entrepreneurship”.

Congratulations to our STEP colleagues for their accomplishment in receiving this award and for their contributions to transgenerational entrepreneurship research.

Paper abstract: Entrepreneurial legacies play an important role in transgenerational entrepreneurship, yet little is known about their nature and development. Through a multilayered analysis of narratives drawn from three generations of a single business family, we document that entrepreneurial legacies feature both stable and fluid elements, and that forward-looking components in family storytelling—which we refer to as “anticipated futures”—affect this dynamic character. We further show how such narratives can prompt, sustain, and disrupt entrepreneurship across multiple generations. Our findings offer insights that refine our understanding of entrepreneurial legacies beyond mere projections of the past through secondhand imprinting. To read this paper, click here.

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