Family Businesses through Global Pandemic: from Disaster to Opportunity?

Family Businesses through Global Pandemic: from Disaster to Opportunity?

April 16, 2020

Our distinguished STEP scholars from around the world will join together for a virtual discussion about how the Global Pandemic Crisis is affecting family business’ on a regional level. 

We plan to take the discussion deeper to include what we have learned so far, what family business’ can do now to manage the economic pitfall, while being mindful of the impact on society and their employees and begin talking about how we can prepare for the future.

The Webinar will take place April 21, 2020  8:30 am – 10 am EST via Zoom and Facebook Live. The moderator, STEP Research Academic Director Andrea Calabrό, IPAG, France, will engage with fifteen distinguished global STEP Panelists including Nunzia Auletta, IESA, Venezuela; Rodrigo Basco, AUS, UAE; Isabel Botero, Univ of Louisville, USA; Jeremy Cheng, CUHK, Hong Kong; Eric Clinton, DCU, Ireland; James Davis, Utah State, USA; Maria Fonseca Paredes, ITESM, Mexico; William Gartner, Babson College, USA; Esther Kong, SMU, Singapore; Luis Diaz Matajira, UniAndes, Colombia; Ilse Matser, STEP Board Chair, Windesheim, Netherlands; Patricia Monteferrante, IESA, Venezuela; Nupur Pavan Bang, ISB, India; Miruna Radu Lefebvre, Audencia, France and Carlo Salvato, Bocconi, Italy.

At STEP our mission is to continue to collaboratively research transgenerational entrepreneurship in order to produce highly relevant, applied research which makes a tangible difference to the business families around the world and their stakeholders. With research at the heart of what we do we are always looking for answers and that begins with tough and honest conversations.  This live webinar session with Andrea Calabrό and STEP regional leaders will provide a thought provoking virtual discussion for a relevant and impactful topic.

Since limited space is available for the Webinar, overflow of attendees can watch on Facebook live.  More details click here.

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