Asia Pacific STEP Teams Collaborate & Launch Case Series

Asia Pacific STEP Teams Collaborate & Launch Case Series

March 11, 2019

We are pleased to share a collaboration between STEP members
the Business Families Institute @Singapore Management University and Bangkok University’s School of Entrepreneurship and Management. Both teams have worked together to launch a case study titled ‘Growing in Unity – The Luangamornlert Family’s Ride Through Challenges’ on Thursday, 28 February 2019 in Siam Park City in Bangkok. This was the final case in a series of four on family businesses in Southeast Asia, as part of a three-year Business Family Research Programme made possible by a research grant from Deloitte to BFI. The case study illustrated the resilience and togetherness of the Luangamornlerts as a family as they build the business and never faltered in the face of challenges.

Please visit the link to read the web story about the Launch and Case.   The Case is launched as part of BFI Learning Journey to Bangkok with business families. Congratulations to both teams!

This is one of many collaborative efforts STEP members have developed over the past 14 years. We look forward to sharing future opportunities of collaboration within the STEP network.

The case launch event held at Siam Park City on 28 February 2019 included a panel discussion moderated by (far left) Prof Annie Koh, SMU’s Vice President for Business Development and Academic Director of BFI.  Joining her on the panel was (2nd to 4th from left) Dr Suchart Tripopsakul, Asst Prof (Business Administration), Bangkok University; Ms Khun Chirawan Diskul, Vice President, Siam Park Bangkok Co Ltd; and Mr Richard Loi, Leader, Southeast Asia, Deloitte Private.
Photo Credit: Singapore Management Univ.