STEP member Zhejiang University School of Management Institute for Entrepreneurship, has organized an overseas study tour for entrepreneurs on Succession and Sustainable Development Studies on July 14-27, 2019. This is Zhejiang’s fourth year offering this unique Program to Chinese business families. Led by Prof. Chen Ling and Hao Xin , the team has partnered with European STEP teams in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

The Program is a 2 week immersive experience for participants to learn from prominent business families in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The Program aims to provide business families with valuable knowledge through a combination of professional lectures, site tours, and face to face interactions with family members of famous enterprises in the 3 countries.

The STEP Project’s academic network has been a valuable asset for the team at Zhejiang offering a community of researchers eager to collaborate and develop opportunities from all parts of the world.

To learn more about this exciting program, please check here.