Greetings from Cartagena!  We are thrilled to arrive in Cartagena, Colombia for the 2nd STEP Global Academic Conference hosted by two premier STEP affiliated Universities: Universidad de los Andes and Universidad ICESI

The conference provides a platform for entrepreneurship and family business scholars to join together to  share knowledge, research ideas, insights and best practices generated through the Project. The inaugural 2016 Boston STEP Conference accomplished this goal and also became an excellent opportunity to start research collaborations, get feedback and increase our networking opportunities.

The program will kick off  at 1:00 pm on Thursday October 18 with registration; opening remarks; regional meetings and then a welcome dinner for attendees in beautiful Cartagena!  Friday Oct. 19 and Saturday Oct. 20 we have a full agenda with teaching case sessions; feedback on paper sessions; poster sessions; networking sessions to name a few!  This conference gets the creativity and cross collaboration flowing and one of the many benefits to joining this energized, esteemed group of scholars from all over the world!  We look forward to seeing you all in Cartagena!

More to come in the next few days!!