Millennial CEOs are ready to take over, according to the newly released STEP 2019 Global Family Business Survey.

70% of global family businesses do not have a formal succession plan

But Millennial CEOs are ready to take over.

More than half of global family CEOs do not have a formal retirement plan and 70% of global family businesses do not have a formal succession plan, according to the 2019 STEP Global Family Business Survey, The impact of changing demographics on family business succession planning and governance.  However, the report finds that Millennial CEOs are ready to take over.

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STEP Research Cases 2019 – 2020

The STEP research cases are due!  

PREMISE OF STUDY:   As with the 2019 STEP Survey, the overarching aim of the case studies is to explore impacts of changing demographics on succession and firm performance. This collection of qualitative data will explore how family businesses are dealing with this issue and what practice in succession and governance looks like in the modern era.  The STEP teams will research the following issues:  i. Differences in generational outlook; ii. Retirement planning; iii. Gender and societal change; and iv. Unexpected succession.

STEP members can download the 2019 STEP Case Guidelines in the STEP portal.  For more information, contact Val Duffy, STEP Assistant Director.

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STEP Survey 2018-19 Completed

Theme:  “Impact of changing demographics on succession and governance”

With people living longer, the traditional methods of transition and governance in family businesses are no longer appropriate.  This research will look to explore and articulate how business families are dealing with these issues and what succession and governance models could look like in the modern era.

The STEP Project has completed this data collection set.  We are thrilled to share the 2019 STEP Global Survey Report as well as a Benchmarking Report for 33 countries around the globe or see the box below to see how your country compares to other regions of the world..  In addition, STEP teams have begun to develop new STEP Country Reports from this data set.  Stay tuned!


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